Cantales is a creation of YWAN (Yannick Wileveau Naval Architecture).. Its hull is perfect for sailing on calm water (lakes, rivers, canals) and can accommodate up to 12 people.

The bridge is fully modular at the customer’s request (front or rear console, seats or benches, etc…). Its aluminium construction is carried out in the renowned Bord à Bord construction site in Plestin-Les-Grêves (Côtes d’Armor – 22). The boat is unsinkable (welded, watertight and foam-filled floats).

Lead or lithium batteries are placed directly on the deck inside openwork trunks used for storage or seating.

In the event that passengers are used on board for tourist outings, specific rules apply to safety and navigation equipment (consult us).



Weight: 2,45 t
Size: 9 x 2,7 m
Construction year: 2015
Material: Aluminium
Engine power: 2 x 4 kW
Battery capacity: 2 x 5 kWh