Soft transport

The Cata 12 was designed to be the most effective and friendly transport ship. Thanks to its cutting hulls and its electric propulsion system, Cata 900 is able to move without making waves and in silence. Cata 900 is a pleasure boat for a commercial use. It can transport until 12 persons + the pilot as well as 6 bicycles. The Cata 900 has a propulsion system and batteries on the cutting edge of technology.

12 passengers boat


The Cata 12 is composed of recognized professionals materials. Light, solid, sustainable and easy to maintain, marine aluminium is the indispensable choice for professional ships construction. Hulls are tight and divided what makes the buoyancy of the ship.


Electric propulsion bring a huge user convenience. It emits no gas, any smell and produces little noise. Moreover, the simplicity of the electric system reduces considerably the maintenance: no more drains, filters and small pieces replacement.


Rare are ships with such an energetic performance. The optimization of the hull allows to obtain a big autonomy and if necessary a high speed.

Industrial safety

Result of a strong collaboration between Torqeedo and BMW, the Cata 900 is equipped of a battery that respect every requirement of car industry. The Power 48 battery takes back lithium cells developed by BMW. Thanks to a BMV, it is constantly controlled in every modes of use: the refill, the discharge and the storage.


Main characteristics

Electric propulsion
Marine aluminium hull
Capacity of the boat of 12 people +1
Fully equipped weight 1200 Kg


Torqeedo engine of 2 x 10hp
Maximum power of 10kW
Maximum speed 17 knots
Battery : i3 BMW 20 kWh
Autonomy 2h at 17km/h
Autonomy 12h at 10 knots
Power of recharge of 1,3 kW
10h for a full charge


2 paddles
4 lockers
4 mooring bitts
Manual cable steered
Console + Steering wheel
Navigation lights
Compartmentalized and waterproof floats
Owner’s manual
Aluminium non-slip floor

Be precursor

Create to participate to energy transition, the Cata 900 offer comfort and security while beginning at a price of 75 000 € excluding taxes before bonuses.