The new electric boat of Heliodive was designed by Naviwatt. Its hull is an evolution of the one used for Heliodive 1200. Even more performant and strong, she allows to show impressive autonomies: 80 hours at 3 knots or 13 hours at 5 knots.

This catamaran is the result of a huge work between Alexis Synodinos (president of Heliodiv), Yannick Wileveau (naval architect in Naviwatt) and the highly experience team of Alubat (Famous construction site of the range OVNI).

With its original look and its incredible performance, this catamaran is intended for passengers and divers transport.

For the prototype, the options solar roof and heat engine were added. This two options can increase a lot the autonomy of the boat.

The solar roof is composed of 30 flexible solar panels of 100W. Study to facilitate the maintenance, this roof make possible the replacement of a unit in few minutes. The panels are guaranty 10 years in case of degradation and their performance is guaranteed 25 years! The roof structure allows an optimized flow of the air, like that the panels are constantly cooled and offer all their potential of refill. The panels can resist to salt environments and we can walk on it without causing damages.
In good weather, the solar roof can propel the boat until 4,5nds.

The thermal engine and its reserve of gasoline fixed on the deck make the experience easier. It propel the boat in more than 10 knots (18km/h) with an almost unlimited autonomy (as long as there are petrol cans on board). This 60hp engine is a classic from Yamaha. It will be really appreciate realise great distances in short times.


Weight: 3,5 t
Size: 9,0 x 4,0 m
Construction year: 2017
Material: anodized aluminium
Power electric engine: 2 x 10 kW
Power thermal engine: 60hp
Capacity battery: 40kWh
Solar power: 3 kW crest
Quite electric autonomy: 80h at 3 knots ; 13h at 5 knots ; 6h at 6 knots