After really conclusive tests, the TS3 is now in marketing phase. Here is a small feedback on the beginnings and the philosophy of the project.

Christophe Barreau and Yannick Wileveau (Naviwatt) imagined the energy main lines of the specifications of the TS3 in 2016 : the catamaran need to be autonomous in energy, reject no CO2 and be able to remove the engines of the water at any time.

Naviwatt is the leader of electric boats, and has a design office with 8 years of experience in propulsion systems electric for sailboats and motorboats. The company offers many solutions for engines, solar panels, batteries…

For this project, it was chosen a system equipped with the last technologies of the domain: Torqeedo engine, batteries coming from the car industry and the solar panels of the civil engineering.
The TS3 is a sailboat which offers many sensations under sail. It is clearly opposes to the trend “as at the house”. The boat is therefore light, well wadded and sublimely drawn. The resultant solution weighs around 200kg while a similar thermal system weighs around 300kg. Electric engines emit almost no noise, no vibration and do not clear smoke: like that all the comfort of the navigation is maintained. Moreover, this system need hardly any maintenance: no more drainings, changes of filters, hands full of oil and pollution. Electrics engines of the TS3 are Pods fixed on a cap allowing to raise them any time. So, engines are not any more lying about in the water when the boat is under sail.
One of the particularities of the TS3 is its fate for the big cruises. Sources of energy are essential to meet the needs of the life on board and the engines. Electric propulsion is able to produce energy when the boat is under sail, this is call hydrogeneration. The flow of water passing under the hull then comes to collide the propeller, what makes it turn. This principle also exists for hydro-electric dams. Electric engines of the TS3 can recharge completely their batteries in only few hours.
Other energy source: solar panels, it is a source with a low intensity, but continuous (even when the weather is grey). It is ideal for a day out ! After using the engine for 45min to go out of the marina, only 2 hours later the batteries will have their maximum capacity. The TS3 is completely autonomous in renewable energy.